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Cognac Expert : Cognac Jean Grosperrin Unique in so many ways

By Jacki – October 30, 2011

You might or might not have heard of Cognac Jean Grosperrin – but the house has been around for hundreds of years and certainly is different from most of their competitors.
The first thing that’s different is that the house doesn’t actually produce cognac directly.

No blending, added sugar or added colour

Instead, they buy barrels of eaux-de-vie, age them and create their masterpieces at an ideal proof, which is often at cask strength.  These are all single vintage, single region cognacs; no blending, no added sugar, no added boise or colour.  They also don’t chill filter, and they purchase their eaux-de-vie from all the growing regions of cognac.
The family business in now headed by Guilhem Grosperrin.  Based in the village of Chermignac, the cellars of Cognac Jean Grosperrin are jam-packed with cognacs of every age and region.  Another fascinating part of this cognac house is the history behind their bottles.  With cognacs dating back to the early 1800s, along with other historical artefacts such as price sheets for barrels of cognac sold in the 17th century.


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