Grosperrin Cognac
Grosperrin Cognac
Juin 2020: new bottling!

FINS BOIS N.45 (Lot N.765) - 52,1% vol.

This exceptional batch is one of the very few in our collection to come from a distiller and wholesaler. The large well-known House, once owned by an international group, for some unknown reason relieved itself of a few casks of old Cognac in a secret transaction which took place through a certified broker in 2019. This extremely rare lot of two casks is of undeniable interest, even although we cannot guarantee it has never been blended.

▶ Old gold hue. There is no mistaking the natural characteristics of Fin Bois on the nose: exotic fruit and lime blossom honey beautifully rounded off by very distinctive chalky notes. The montant is powerful; with the ethyl acetate contained the balsamic qualities of the rancio begin to come to the fore. The mushroom, old-cellar maturation notes testify to the great age of this Cognac, which has not however lost its vivacity and freshness. On the palate the attack is bold, oily and very well-balanced. The alcoholic strength is barely perceptible. Then the rancio releases its full potential, contributing a certain purity in this Fins Bois. The finish is extremely long and rather dense. A superb Cognac that will delight enthusiasts of this cru.

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